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Sail Architects wins the Best of the South Shore

Photo by J.Laaper Studios

The power of combining photography and technology, first caught my attention when my son was born. Like most parents, I documented almost every moment in his first year. However unlike his sister's first moments, there was a difference that only the camera could see. A small white reflection in the middle of his right eye appeared in every photo taken with a flash. Looking at him you would see a healthy 6 month old baby however his photos told a different story. 


Those photos were instrumental in diagnosing Christian with Retinoblastoma. A rare form of eye cancer that rapidly develops in the retina and is normally found in children under the age of 5. Once his diagnosis was confirmed, technology and medicine stepped in. Christian received 6 months of chemotherapy along with laser therapy. The combination of photography and technology, not only saved his life but it also saved his sight. 

Since then the combination of photography and technology has fascinated me. Photography is beautiful but only one dimensional. Imagine combining those beautiful breathtaking photos in a three dimensional space where your clients see the beauty of your final product and learn about it's creative process. The opportunities are endless. Just like your designs are multi-dimensional, your portfolio should be too.

I'm Jessica Laaper and I help build portfolios to grow your business. Using a wide range of technology to capture your work, I will help you create a unique portfolio and learn how to use it to elevate your brand across all marketing channels. Immersing your clients in your designs.


Having graduated from Purdue University in Industrial Management and Management Information Systems along with spending years in manufacturing and consulting, I have a strong understanding of technology and how it can be used to revolutionize businesses. Combining my consulting experience with photography, I am able to create portfolios that find the perfect intersection between business, brand, and growth.

Are you ready to elevate your business and portfolio to a new level? 

Behind The LEns

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